Soy Sauce, Steak & Shampoo

One of my favorite places to waste time on the Internet is GroceryLists.Org. It appeals to the voyeur in me - knowing what others intend to buy. Some lists are hysterical, and the typos add to the humor. For example, "Floss picks, ketchup, bourbin". You might expect that a shopping list read like a recipe, simply withholding the quantities of ingredients. Not true. Usually we have some ingredients already - that may be the way we chose a recipe in the first place. The list supplements what is missing. A list may also be a mini game plan for the week. On the left is mine.

Before heading to the store today, I asked my husband what he wanted for dinner this week. "Anything easy for a man to throw together," he replied. Pasta with pre-made sauce, jambalaya rice mix, and hot dogs fall into this category for him. More like heating than actual cooking. I appreciate this because it means I don't have to cook, despite it not being exactly gourmet.

Dinner and snacks are the only meals I shop for as we both usually eat lunch out and unfortunately we both usually overlook breakfast or also purchase it at work. I am anticipating working long days this week and buying dinner on the way home is too costly and often unhealthy. I took this afternoon where the men would be relegated to the living room with marathon sessions of football to conjure a magnum opus in the kitchen.

What would you assume was on the menu from reading the list? Chili powder gives it away a bit - one item is turkey and black bean chili. The small can of tomatoes goes in there too. For the slow cooker - the chicken (turned out to be thighs), onions, bay leaf & stock to make Emeril's smothered chicken, served over polenta. The red onion, garlic (question mark was to check stock before leaving the house) and celery were for a chilled calamari and shrimp salad for dinner tonight. Jambalaya along with chorizo for the hubby to make dinner, and ginger beer for mixing up Jameson and gingers, my favorite drink of late. My list is complete with my own typographical error. Natural cheetos. That may have been out of my own embarrassment of writing that down, yet found in the natural foods section, Cheetohs brand Natural cheesy poofs are yummy.

What's on your list?


e said...

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Duong said...

"Floss picks, ketchup, bourbin" ;)