Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday. Many are just times to share special foods with friends and family for me, not necessarily a religious celebration. Thanksgiving is the time when everything is supposed to be about the food anyway. A win-win situation for me.

Over the years I've adapted quite a few recipes for leftovers that I look forward to after the feast. Turkey pot pie is my hands down favorite. You can dump in any leftover gravy and veggies and it freezes well if you're at your turkey threshold. Turkey enchiladas, Monte cristos made with french toast, ham, Swiss and turkey, turkey chili - you get the idea. Often it's the side dish leftovers that end up in the garbage disposal abyss. Today's breakfast goes in the side dish leftover category.

I had raw sage sausage from my cornbread stuffing and maple roasted sweet potatoes and butternut squash. Sauteed together with pantry staple onions, I had the makings of Thanksgiving Hash. Metropolitan Bakery's Pumpkin Pecan Cranberry bread was on the side with cream cheese and pumpkin butter. If I was working as a chef again, this would be on the menu this weekend.


Karen Escovitz (Otter) said...

that looks simply amazing! maybe what we need for the cafe's is to simply have you COOK!

did this taste as good as it looked?

btw-- I brought my loaf of Metro pumpkin bread to a gathering and served it with my homemade chevre. that was a good combo

Duong said...