Fig & Blue Pizza

The pizza dough mentioned in the below post was a batch made by my Sister-in-law, Kari. She is a great culinary apprentice and sous chef. Recently having saved me from a Ramsay style kitchen nightmare when I got myself in over my head hosting a baby shower in my house, Kari is always eager to learn and doesn't flinch when I give her mundane tasks like making ham snow for these deviled eggs.

Kari is also full of great ideas. When we were embarking on a day of pizza this past weekend, I suggested a fig jam and blue cheese pizza. I had made the combo before on crostini as an hors d'oeuvre and thought it would translate well to a pizza. It did. Kari suggested adding some caramelized onions we made as a topping choice along with a sprinkling of home grown rosemary that she received. This took it from a nice "out there" kind of pizza to one that should be on the menu at restaurants that serve pizza.

Burger King or Buffalo Burger?

When my husband and I happen to be reading in the same room, we read interesting or witty snippets to each other. This book has me reading entire chapters to him. Michael Pollan examines the duality of an American carnivore's life and the new American paradox "a notably unhealthy people obsessed by the idea of eating healthily."

This is evident of my dining over the past holiday weekend. Venturing to Burger King to investigate their new Steakhouse Burger (terrible but the fried onions were a nice touch) while suggesting cutting the white flour in a pizza dough recipe with some whole wheat, even if only as 20% of the total flour. 20% by the way is the perfect amount for the dough not to taste "healthy".

Check back for book updates as I continue.

Back on the Saddle Again

Yes, I've been gone. Work and life have gotten in the way of a great way to relax. More to come soon.