Tasting with your mind

The Baldy was mentioning his excitement about football season beginning this week. At Lincoln Financial Field, home of our Iggles, the food is great. Philadelphia institutions like Tony Luke's, Termini and Chickie & Pete's are at the stadium in full force. Chickie & Pete's is famous for Crab Fries - french fries dusted with old bay seasoning served with provolone sauce for dipping. (Insert drool here)

That catapulted a craving. Old bay + potatoes. Old bay home fries - roasted old bay potatoes as a bed for crab eggs Benedict. With that we have a breakfast project for next weekend! The thought of tasting that delayed my sleep for a few hours after that.

Hollandaise sauce isn't exactly Labor Day dinner fare, so as I make my first attempt at grilling pizza this evening, there will be a pizza with roasted old bay potatoes and provolone. Stay tuned for the post game report.

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