Egg in the Basket Pictoral

My previous post inspired this morning's breakfast: eggs in the basket. Below I offer a pictoral for your viewing pleasure.
The bread already griddled on one side. I melt butter in the center and twirl the bread around.
Once the second side is toasted, crack the eggs in the center. Cook slowly. Break the yolk if you like.
Gently turn over when the egg is set.

Ready to serve, sprinkled with coarse grey salt for crunch.

Of course there's more info on Wikipedia - these were made in Moonstruck too!


Food On Screen - An Occasional Column

Food on film always fascinates me. Is the dish a favorite of the writer/producer/director? Does it have other significance to the surroundings? Historical reference to the subject? The most recent episode of the Sopranos made me put this entry that I've been pondering for some time to the web. Lincoln Log Sandwiches? Carmella made hot dogs split open with cream cheese on bread. I do like hot dogs and cheese but the prospect of cream cheese seemed revolting. I have started a topic to query this creation on eGullet.

Some movies are notoriously gourmet. Big Night and the famous Timballo. Like Water for Chocolate. Chocolat. Eat Drink Man Woman. Some are more subtle. After watching V for Vendetta, the captive husband was memorizing his new favorite instance of alluring alliteration and I was rushing off to make 'eggies in a basket'. A piece of griddled buttered toast with a hole in the center with an egg cracked and fried in the bread. Quite memorable. Took a few tries to get right. Don't add the egg until very near the end of browning so the toast is perfectly crisp and you can then pick it up and eat it with your hands. I use a large biscuit cutter to make the hole. I must also include the famous Pretty Woman scene with escargot, "Happens all the time."

I plan this to be a recurring subject on Lavender Sky, what film food stands out for you?


Eating Live - Tossed Edition

Thanks to the connectivity of my new Dell XPS laptop I am now free to report on the goings on of my gullet regularly, and from anywhere.

Just getting to brunch at 3:30 PM. An artfully self prepared container from Genuardi's salad bar. 3 sections consisting of romaine, spinach and field greens topped with olives, hard boiled eggs and chick peas (ceci for our European friends). Some shaved "parmesan" an blue cheese dressing and I was happy. Section 2 - slices of broccoli and cheese stromboli. Yes, I had to give my salad a side dish. Section 3- cantaloupe, honeydew and strawberries dressed with poppy seed dressing. A sweet and light finish to a nice lunch.

I make it into the car, place the bag with salad on the front seat just a tad off kilter and WHAM! The top popped off the container and the salad exploded in the bag. Luckily since it was all in the bag I was able to salvage it. There's no consoling the taste buds once you've had strawberries mixed with green olives. Chickpeas and poppy seeds probably weren't meant to get married either. Could be worse, I could be riding with a salad grenade as my navigator.


Dining Delay

I haven't felt like talking about food too much lately. See my other blog to find out why. Interesting of note is the dynamic of food in one's life. It is usually the center of my attention. Elaborate masterpieces. When it isn't, I find new ways to deliver tasty and healthy to my dinner table.

Rotisserie Chicken Haiku
Always ready now
The perfect dinner for 2
Salad on the side

In an effort to avoid processed fast food, I turn to supermarket rotisserie chicken about once a week. Just a few dollars more than a raw chicken buys juicy, seasoned, crispy skinned chicken to carve and serve. This week I also grabbed a pack of fresh whole wheat asparagus ravioli that I boiled while I carved the chicken and tossed the ravioli with balsamic vinaigrette served atop mixed greens. Dinner served 12 minutes after I walk in the door. No exaggeration.

Today I take a day off from contractor management to make Toll House chocolate chip cookies to surprise the captive husband. They will follow my circa 1985 dinner of pork chops and apple sauce. Comfort food on demand.