Dining Delay

I haven't felt like talking about food too much lately. See my other blog to find out why. Interesting of note is the dynamic of food in one's life. It is usually the center of my attention. Elaborate masterpieces. When it isn't, I find new ways to deliver tasty and healthy to my dinner table.

Rotisserie Chicken Haiku
Always ready now
The perfect dinner for 2
Salad on the side

In an effort to avoid processed fast food, I turn to supermarket rotisserie chicken about once a week. Just a few dollars more than a raw chicken buys juicy, seasoned, crispy skinned chicken to carve and serve. This week I also grabbed a pack of fresh whole wheat asparagus ravioli that I boiled while I carved the chicken and tossed the ravioli with balsamic vinaigrette served atop mixed greens. Dinner served 12 minutes after I walk in the door. No exaggeration.

Today I take a day off from contractor management to make Toll House chocolate chip cookies to surprise the captive husband. They will follow my circa 1985 dinner of pork chops and apple sauce. Comfort food on demand.

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