Naked Wings

Hi! I know it's been a long time since I've seen you all here, and there's a long list of reasons I haven't been here. Namely, a fire (not kitchen related) and a car accident. One thing after another, but we're all safe and still breathing.

What has prompted me to blog tonight isn't food. Although, I did make some kick ass fried chicken for dinner - my best batch yet. Once again, I'm here to talk about football. Bill Belichick specifically. I'm here watching a game that is being broadcast to more people than the Superbowl will be. It could be a monumental game for the Patriots this evening. Not only could they complete their first undefeated season ever, Tom Brady and Randy Moss also stand to make history with new records. Yet again Bill Belichick is standing on the sidelines in a cut-off sweatshirt. I'm pretty sure his team could make him some custom short sleeve sweatshirts. I bet he could even order the sleeves to be elbow length as he seems to prefer. Instead, it looks like he chopped off the sleeves with a scissor moments before the game. I certainly understand the desire to be comfortable at all times. However, why not show some pride for what you and your team have accomplished?

The NFL is very sensitive about it's image and the image the players portray. Please, please take a look at the coaches. Blah.

On a side note: here's a link to an article about the new coffee bar I'm managing. I'll get to train as a barista in a Starbucks in a few weeks. I'll write all about it!

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