Darkly Dreaming Dexter

I love Dexter! Who doesn't? I also don't have Showtime so I'm 2 seasons behind via Netflix. No spoilers, please. Watching a series via DVD in marathon sessions is also more rewarding than a weekly fix for me. When I watch a disk I get to see the opening credits 3 or 4 times in one night. It gave me something to think about besides an average Joe guy that happens to be a vigilante killer. That chops up criminals. And throws them in the bay.

The opening credits are all about Dexter's morning sequence and he is such a good serial killer he has breakfast everyday. My concern is the order of events. After shaving he cuts a piece of ham steak and sears it. And eats it. Then he fries an egg in brown butter and breaks the yolk, serving with a splash of what I hope is hot sauce. And eats it. Separately from the ham. He then brews a pot of French press coffee and squeezes blood orange juice. I get the symbolism but blood orange juice isn't especially good for drinking straight. Dexter then puts on his shoes and lastly his shirt and heads to his job at the police station with too much SPF on his lips. At least that's why I assume his lips are always purplish-pink on the show.

Who cooks the components of breakfast separately and eats them in a similar fashion? Coffee cannot wait until the end either. It should be sipped leisurely while you ponder the crappy day ahead, or grill your significant other about their day to come, right?

I'm going to go make sure the air conditioner doesn't have any glass slides in it.


Karen Resta said...

Amazing post. I'm now going to seek out Dexter more often, and will watch him very closely for these strange errors in judgement he's been making!!!! I'm slightly shocked.

HungryChic said...

Thanks, Karen! I bet there's a market for a Breakfast Dexter series of postcards...!