Springtime Macheroni e Formaggi

I relished another tasty lunch today. Mac n cheese that had a layover in Rome. I bought some of the first asparagus stalks of the season, with no specific intention for them. I had some leftover annelini, small pasta rings that are great in soup. I cooked the pasta, throwing in the asparagus tips and a bit more salt when there was 1 minute left to cook. This technique is also handy for making pasta with broccoli or peas. After draining most of the water off, I returned it to the pan and added ricotta cheese along with some parmiggiano and black pepper. The ricotta married the bit of pasta water to become a subtle sauce. After plating, I shaved some pecorino on top and drizzled with white truffle oil. White truffles aren't a springtime delight. Fresh white truffles are in season in the fall/winter. But hey - allow me this slip. I was so thrilled that I took time to be grateful that I could make a meal like this in the middle of the day on a Tuesday.

I enjoyed it so much I managed to save a bit for Captive Husband in case he needed a snack when he got home from his long day at work. It just so happened he worked through lunch yet again and was delighted for the tasty respite.

I used up all my culinary prowess for the day on this meal, dinner was high quality Chinese takeout. I have a weakness for dumplings.

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