Last weekend we were working hard on a short term goal of ours. Getting an unpacked junk room turned into a useful office. Most people have junk drawers, we have a whole room. The contents are a combination of: my culinary library which I've been sad to have very limited access to (the books are in storage boxes), computer equipment, stuff we moved but didn't unpack, and leftovers from each time we tidy up for company in a hurry and need a place to throw stuff. You can imagine the black hole of its contents.

We've found some interesting things. The only VHS in existence of my early childhood in Arizona, our wedding cards and wedding paraphernalia, and my school report cards and photos. In with my school things was a "what I did on my Summer vacation" report from 1990. It was my first year at Seth Low I.S. 96. I got to write about my family's time in Hawaii, which was the last vacation we ever took together. At the time I did not know I was a future chef, or a foodie in the making. Or even a future lazy blogger/aspiring food writer. What did I write about? The FOOD of Hawaii. Mahi mahi, poi, and a whole pig cooked in the ground. I even wrote that in one day I ate mahi mahi in an omelette for breakfast, in a sandwich for lunch, and as an entrée for dinner. Foreshadowing? Yes. Also intriguing, I wrote this report on 9/11/90, eleven years before that awful day.

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