Mmm... Anchovy Extract

I love finding odd ingredients in food. While anchovy is certainly no stranger to Caesar dressing, I didn't know there was such a thing as ANCHOVY EXTRACT.

I consider Ken's to be a reasonably premium brand of bottled dressings. If I am having a moment of weakness and reach for a bottled brand, I usually do select Ken's if I am not opting for one of the boutique super-thicks in the produce section. is anchovy extract that much easier to work with than anchovy paste? Is it a cost issue? Anchovy extract could possibly cost $.001 and the anchovy paste might cost $.015 per packet. Ah! Well then, an empire founded on fish extract. Yak.

An inspection of T.Marzetti's Supreme Caesar in my fridge showed that they use anchovies straight. Bravo.

Could you imagine it at a gathering, "What do you do for work?" "I'm a fish extract salesman." "No way! Me too!"

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