Epi Not So Curious

It's no secret that I love Epicurious. I am also a fan of Debi Mazar. From the sceptical friend in Jungle Fever to the coke head goomah in Goodfellas, she's been around. It also helps that she's from Brooklyn. Why Epicurious would post a video like the one to the right is beyond me. My apologies for it being ill formatted. I am still toying with adding alternate media to this blog. Was she joking when she says, "fresh Corona"? I can hardly believe she and her husband do much cooking at all given they look like skeletons with skin. I am skeptical that this wasn't an add for Sur La Table as it's mentioned by name. There is a series of 3 videos on their main site. In another Debi and her husband prepare beef stew, where he cooks with Yellow Tail wine. "There is cooking wine and drinking wine," he says. Yellow Tail qualifies as neither to me. Yuck. The whole thing leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

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