A Slice of Heartache

I've sent this topic in an email to my vast reader base but I'm so enraged I need to expand upon it here. We endured the $50 burger at DB Bistro, the $100 cheesesteak at Barclay Prime, and now, for your viewing pleasure, the $1,000 pizza. I say, "Your viewing pleasure" because this is a side show. A stunt simply for publicity.

It is comprised of 8 ounces of 4 kinds of caviar. From Petrossian, a well respected caviar retailer who has it's own restaurant. The people at Petrossian are elegant and classy and I'm sure don't appreciate being mentioned with this dish. To put salmon roe (commonly used as fish bait, really large and unappealing) next to fine caviar is like garnishing your fine cheese tray with cheesy poofs. A little creme fraiche with caviar is nice, but a whole sauce like layer of it? And look at all that wasabi. Wasabi is grand, used in moderation with sushi and especially with Tobiko - but I daresay it ruins whatever morsel of taste might have been salvagable. Looking at the crust, I'd rather have a Boboli. The people at Totonno's are hopefully lauching hot coals through the windows of Nino's Bellisima. I'd love to hear from anyone who's eaten there, is anything edible? Check out the thread about this menu offering on eGullet.


D.C. Lemming said...

You must forget that you are in America. We are known 'round the world for our excess. Why do you think half the world hates us? We are also a culture known for everyone being special and unique. One way that people make themselves special is through buying things that no one else can afford. You're right, that doesn't make them unique, instead it just makes them people who are trying to buy themselves an identity. But, we are the most materialistic society, so why not be able to buy yourself a personality? Honestly, does that pizza really taste 50 times better than the $20 fully loaded pizza from Papa Johns? Oh, I forgot. You can't buy that kind of pizza at Papa Johns. It's all about being different, not the taste. And in the end, that's what food is all about, right? Sorry for the sarcasm, but it's hard to say any other way.

peaches in chicago said...

I think the pizza looks gross!